From Likes to Purchases: Create an Online Store with Toko

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When you take your business online, the first thing is promotion. A social media page may help you promote your business to an extent. But elevating your sales is not possible only through social network pages. You must have a robust platform to showcase your inventory, gain customers’ trust, and create an important position in your business. Building an online store can help you achieve your goals and add value to your business.

Combine the Powers of Social Media with an Online Store

An online store can give your business foundational support for growth. Keeping your web store as a robust platform to place orders, you can take additional help from your Facebook page or Instagram account. Here is a brief overview of how you can merge the powers of social media and the online store to develop your business:

From Clicks to Purchases

Your Facebook page and Instagram account may receive a hundred likes on a daily basis. But getting your posts liked by the page visitors does not help advance your business or increase sales. On the other hand, an online store can take you from clicks to purchases. You can post attractive graphics on your social media handles and direct your audience to your online store to purchase their desired items.

Simplified Order Placement

Your customers may feel it difficult to scroll through your page to find their required product. Similarly, placing orders is another challenge as they have to type the details and product code in the DM manually. On the contrary, you can inform your audience about your brand using creative graphics through social networks and attract them to visit your web store. They can order their favorite products simply and easily through the online store compared to social media pages.

Create an Online Store with Toko

This way, you can use social media and the online store to grow your business. If you are looking for the best online store builders to make an online platform, you are in the right spot. The Toko store builder Pakistan can help you create an online store for business without any hassle. You can build your online web platform within a few taps with the user-friendly interface of the Toko app. In addition, the Toko online store builder is entirely free of cost and secure to use. You can download the Toko app on your IOS and Android devices. Furthermore, you can use the web app without any charges.

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