5 Online business ideas to start in Pakistan

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Before you jump into the E-commerce world, think about the types of online business ideas that are really profitable. Among them are the following:

Clothing for children: In 2018, Pakistan’s fertility rate was 3.51 children per woman on average. Children’s clothing is always in demand due to the steady increase in population.
Material sales for footwear: Pakistan produces a lot of raw materials for footwear. You can sell these basic materials to shoe manufacturers. It’s possible to make a lot of money by building an eCommerce store around this. You’ll purchase raw materials at a lower cost and then sell them at a greater cost.

Gadget trading: With the rapid advancement of technology, gadgets such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, and other similar devices will be readily purchased when they become available. IT is gaining traction in Pakistan, and many individuals are becoming aware of the opportunities available. You can import the devices and resell them at a greater price on your eCommerce site.

Textile materials: Pakistan is a major textile producer. Despite the epidemic, the textile industry remained unaffected. You may make a lot of money in this industry if you sell textile supplies to apparel companies. Shipping textiles to manufacturers is a lucrative business.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) sales: PPE sales resulted in export orders totaling $100 million for Pakistan. As a result of the deadly Coronavirus, there has been an increase in the need for protective gear. Citizens are being forced to buy and utilize them by governments. As a result, they have become valuable commodities. Pakistan also has raw materials and is a major provider of personal protective equipment. You can also take advantage of this by setting up an eCommerce store to offer these protection items. It’s even possible to export them to other countries.

Selling herbal medicine: In 2020, the worldwide herbal medicine market was estimated to be worth $138350 million. 7 By the end of 2026, it is predicted to have nearly doubled to $218940 million. By dealing in herbal medication, you may build out a niche for yourself. It is in high demand both locally and internationally.

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