Business Strategies for Selling Online

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If you think out of your comfort zone, selling online doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition.

Yes, there are ways to earn from your business within the world of traditional spaces. But if you’d rather dive deep into it and run experiments on different options, there are ways that are equally effective.

Let’s discuss two different approaches

  1. Consider Marketplaces to Start Your New Business

If your small business is looking for a quick, simple route to get orders online, selling on eCommerce platforms will give you a profitable head start.

While your options may be a bit limited as compared to those of recognized brands and retail companies, plenty of choices are just waiting to be tapped.

For example, the marketplaces where you invite customers such as Walmart and Target + have a history of timely deliveries and positive reviews before they accept you as an online seller.

Other platforms will let you create your sales account right away, such as Toko. Once you start collecting positive feedback and ratings on these spots, you can then move on to other marketplaces as well.


What is Toko?  

Toko is an online seller’s arena where independent merchants and craftsmen can sell their products. Toko is primarily associated with home-based or Whatsapp-based businesses that deal in clothes, toys, collectibles, art, food, home goods, vintage furniture, and holiday items, in addition to make-up and fashion items. 

It’s a bit different from Amazon and Walmart. Everything on this platform is made, collected, curated, and sold by its sellers without any interference from the site owners. These independent merchants not only produce their items but also manage their inventory and orders. Toko functions as an intermediary, giving small, independent merchants a platform to identify and bring in new customers. 


  1. Expanding Your eCommerce Store to Marketplaces

Even if you’re already running a profitable online store, uploading your items to eCommerce marketplaces and getting more orders is an excellent way to increase your revenue.

In fact, if you don’t cash in on these opportunities, you could be losing on easy growth by not incorporating markets like these.


Why? Is a simple online money making store not enough?

Because customers have multiple options to purchase a single product. 

Amazon, for instance. Around 44% of Amazon buyers claim they always double-check prices on Amazon before making a purchase on any other website. More than 50% actually visit the physical stores to grasp full product descriptions, and 60% reach out specifically to look at product feedback.

And that’s only about Amazon. Your audience will also consult with other marketplaces to check prices and purchase options. By setting up your online presence on these platforms, you can spread the word and offers they need and reach out to the bigger, wider audience at absolutely no cost.


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