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The Reason Behind Toko

COVID-19 has resulted in a huge setback in the world economy – at least the majority of countries, if not all. Small, medium, or large –  be it any – businesses all over the globe have experienced losses like never before, with people losing years of hard work in a blink of an eye.

Lockdowns imposed by the governments from March last year forced people to stay inside their homes. People getting fired, declining purchasing power, and the lack of customers have significantly minimized earnings or even brought people to a halt.

There was an utter need for companies and small businesses to step into the world of online selling, get orders online, and deliver them from their houses. 

This is how the want of digital presence turned into a need and the dilemma led to the advent of the Toko app.


About Toko

Toko is an online selling platform that enables local stores and small businesses to switch to digital and use WhatsApp and other social media channels to sell their products. All a business person needs to do is install the app, set up their business, which takes less than 2 minutes, and upload beautiful pictures of their products. The sales link to their store can be easily shared with customers via WhatsApp and other social media channels for direct orders.

The free online store creator caters to all the small and medium-size businesses like clothing stores, grocery shops, restaurants, hardware and electronics, furniture stores, jewelry shops, fruits and vegetable stores, side hustles, and WhatsApp based businesses.

What’s fascinating about Toko is that you won’t feel alien to this platform like most digital initiatives, especially the people who aren’t comfortable with technology because it uses a very simple user interface to help people sell online.


Toko’s Instant Success 

Toko tasted success in a very short span of time. Just one month after the grand initiative, Toko had around 6500 stores created online, over 300,000 items/products have been uploaded across 25 different categories of businesses. The app has been circulating in over 200 cities worldwide and the business owners have received more than 40,000 orders. The number of online stores on Toko is expected to grow by 2 Million in the next 6 months. In short, the platform is helping create a huge impact all over the world and making online selling easy for everyone.


The unique selling proposition of Toko is simple selling. From a 15-year-old kid who’s helping his father set up an online store to a 65-year-old grandfather who’s retired and wants to make living easier. In short, there is no platform that is as easy as Toko for creating free online stores. 


Winding Up

Toko is a marketplace that enables offline stores to sell their products and services online through WhatsApp and other social channels. It allows users to create beautiful catalogues of their products on their phones and makes it easy to share their offerings with customers.

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