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Gone are the days when retail sales used to have a monopoly in the consumer world. Clients who once relied on exclusively retail outlets have the option of purchasing products online. It is indeed true that online shopping is on the rise leading to the speculation of the end of physical stores.

One of the benefit of having an online store is that businesses are able to break the physical barriers. With an online store business can sell to the world and not just depend on customers visiting the shop. In addition, opening a business as an online store is much cheaper as compare to a retail store. In retail store there are cost of rent, electricity, employee salaries and other maintenance costs. However, this is not the case with an online store as not much employees are needed to run an online store so costs are reduced. Moreover, with Toko businesses are able to create free website and start an online business with less startup costs. Other benefits of an online store are that it is available 24/7 so it means buyers can visit an ecommerce website whenever they want. It increases profitability of business.

An online store is also convenient for customers as they can gain a lot of benefits. Customers are not restricted to a few varieties when doing shopping from an ecommerce website. There are a thousand of products and deals from different manufacturers for customers to pick from. Moreover, customers can easily compare the prices online and then decide to buy from the best. There is no travelling involved that can make price comparison process a hectic. When you compare several sellers it becomes easy to locate the best.

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