Pakistan’s E-commerce Platforms: where you can start selling!

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We need to establish the types of e-commerce stores that work from Facebook to direct websites/apps that produce millions of sales every month before we can discuss the names in Pakistan’s e-commerce market.

The following is a list of several types of e-commerce stores:
Multi-Retailers with a Lot of Money – Multi-retailers, who feature items from a wide range of categories, are the big guns in Pakistan’s e-commerce business. Stores like Daraz, Yavo, Kaymu, and Symbios, among others, fall into this category.

Medium-Size Multi Retailers — These businesses are not as large as Daraz or its competitors, but they have built online storefronts with a wide range of products. This category contains stores such as Toko, GoTo, and, among others, who are working hard to reach the top.

Small-Size Multi-Retailers — These shops aren’t quite as large as medium-sized online shops, let alone the big guns. They concentrate on a single market and strive to capitalize on their expertise to increase sales. Stores such as Toko,, and, among others, are examples.

The last category of Pakistani e-commerce stores is Facebook Retailers. These stores or groups on Facebook have a lot of followers. Haniakidsclothing or Lahore Buy & Sell, for example, are Facebook business pages (shops).

In other words, if you can create a platform, why not use it to sell through these online retail platforms?

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