3 Technology Trends That Will Shape The Future Of eCommerce [2021]

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The world is ruled by technology. With time and progress, the business sector adapts to the changes in order to stay ahead in the cutthroat competitive globe. Technology advances in e-commerce have a big impact on online buying. New technologies, new customer needs, and the ongoing transition from desktop to mobile devices will continue to have an impact.
Whether you’ve been in the e-commerce market for a few years or are about to launch an online retail business, familiarize yourself with these five critical e-commerce technological developments that will influence the industry’s future:

1. The Mobile Phone is on the Move
Mobile is not only the future of e-commerce, but it is also the present. The number of smartphone users is growing by the day, and the significance of smartphones in e-commerce traffic is becoming increasingly important, as buyers increasingly use smartphones for online purchasing. Smartphone users for online shopping now account for more than half of the global population. Customers’ preferred mode of e-commerce shopping is still the desktop. It won’t last long, though, as worldwide e-commerce trends show that mobile devices will be the key tool used to learn about, do research, and purchase goods and services.

2. Search by Voice
Virtual assistants such as Google Voice Search, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Viv, Google Home, and Siri are available in today’s world. Customers have been trained to use their voice to conduct searches on search engines by these virtual assistants. Voice search will become one of the most important innovation drivers for e-commerce throughout time. According to Google, voice searches account for more than 20% of all mobile device queries. Furthermore, more than 40% of millennials use a voice assistant to do their searches.
Voice search technology might be considered a critical step in ensuring client loyalty. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to understand and respond to search queries.

3. Customization of Products
Allowing for product customization is becoming increasingly important in the e-commerce sector, and it is quickly becoming one of the most important features. Furthermore, product customization is one of the e-commerce industry’s developing technical trends. Because product customization makes customers’ purchases more convenient, it has the ability to eliminate the inconveniences of online shopping and cater to today’s buyers’ needs.
In the personalization of products and services, automation plays a critical role. For example, YouTube suggests a video playlist based on a user’s preferences. With their usage patterns, the service becomes more personalized for the clients.

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