The Future of Ecommerce

 In General

In the United States alone, eCommerce revenue is predicted to reach $479 billion by 2022, with the toys, hobby, and DIY vertical witnessing the most increase.

This isn’t a fleeting fad, either.

It’s also worth noting that, in the long run, statistics from Ecommerce specialist Gary Hoover predict that eCommerce retail sales will eventually catch up to brick-and-mortar sales.

This indicates that, while the online sales trend will continue to increase, there will still be plenty of work to go around.

But that’s not all.

For shoppers, most eCommerce interactions will soon be an omnichannel experience.
This means they’ll expect to be able to study, explore, shop, and buy across devices and platforms without interruption (like a standalone web store, an Amazon presence, etc.).

Robust client journeys and personalization are two more things to keep an eye on in the future of eCommerce.
Shopping with artificial intelligence.
Cryptocurrencies are digital forms of money.

Overall, we must keep in mind that eCommerce is still relatively young in the retail landscape.

The future contains limitless possibilities, but its success and longevity will be primarily determined by future buyer choices.

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