eCommerce 101: How to connect with your customer at different stages of their purchase journey

 In General

Use a three-step plan for clients in the awareness stage:

Smart Display helps entice customers with reduced advertising costs by automating bidding, targeting, and ad generation.

To improve the number of visits to their site and the visibility of their brand and products, they used Google Search Ads.

Google Smart Shopping campaigns automate their ads across Search and Display, experimenting with multiple pictures and text combinations to reach audiences with the best possible ad at the right “Shopping Intent” stage of their trip.

You can take the following approach with clients that have previously visited the website:

To display bespoke ads using remarketing lists, concentrate on Google Search.

Implement retargeting with Display ads so that your business remains top-of-mind when customers surf the web.

Use a combination of TrueView and static advertisements to re-engage customers on YouTube.

For clients who have already completed the Conversion step of the journey, such as Dynamic Retargeting on Google Search and Display ads to reach customers who have previously expressed interest in a product or who have abandoned their cart at checkout.

You’ll be able to track the performance of each campaign utilizing a distinct attribution model in tracking conversion data with this full-funnel strategy.

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