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Book lovers don’t only read books, they love the feeling of holding the books in their hands and smelling the new pages. As the owner of a bookstore, you want to target these types of customers. Your Facebook page alone is not enticing enough to attract your targeted audience. To magnetize more customers, you can go with promoting your bookstore through a website along with your social media page.

A website gives you more control over managing your sales and tracking all business details. With simple options, your customers can browse through the entire list of books, add their desired book to their cart and shop easily. In contrast, they have to contact you through Messenger or the contact number provided to confirm order details. Moreover, the customers can’t find your whole inventory under the same Facebook post. A website comes with filter options where the customer can filter out his desired genre, price range, and name of books in alphabetical order. Creating a website can increase your customer loyalty through an online bookstore.

Creating a website is simple and free of cost by using the Toko store builder. The Toko online store helps you to reach your distant audience through the website. As the business through social networks targets only those with accounts on that site, the website helps grow your bookstore out of boundaries. Social media pages and accounts raise a question of authenticity. Anyone can make a social media page which suspects customers. Having a website for your bookstore ensures your bookstore is authentic and credible. It helps you build your customers’ trust.

You can go through the details and create your own website within a few minutes. You can also choose your website’s overall layouts, designs and templates. The Toko shop online is a reliable, secure and easy platform to create websites. You can download the Toko app on the IOS and Android, or you can use the Toko web app for free.

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