Elevate your Cafe with Toko

Running a cafe is a huge task with a never-ending to-do list. In today’s dynamic world, people love to visit cafes not only for dine-in purposes but for meetings and get-togethers. As a cafe [...]

Expand your Bakery with Toko

The most fundamental element for business growth is acquiring more customers and making more sales. If you are a baker who sells their delicious baked goods through a Facebook page or Instagram [...]

Maximize your Gift Store’s Profit with a Website

Convenience is the most important thing for customers nowadays. Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary, people express their love through gifts. Online gift stores have made this task of [...]

Grow your Perfume Store with Toko

Every business owner wants to make more customers. Being an owner of a perfume store, it is an excellent opportunity to grow your business by meeting your customers’ requirements. The target of [...]

Uplift your Business Sales with Toko

Customer satisfaction plays a fundamental role in uplifting any business. Happy customers turn out to be loyal shoppers, and this way, you can skyrocket your business. In the social media race, [...]

Streamline your Sales with Toko

Playing the social media game, you want to lead the rest by taking your brand in the first row. However, you have to go beyond the basics if you want to stand out of the crowd. Making an online [...]

Sell Jewelry & Accessories Online to Boost Sales

As an owner of a jewelry shop, you always want to boost your sales by targeting your customers. For this purpose, you need a broad platform to showcase your jewelry to engage the maximum [...]

Advance your Cosmetic Store Sales with Toko

Brand promotion is the primary pillar of your business. In order to advance the sales of your cosmetic store, you need to promote your business across multiple platforms. Creating a Facebook page [...]

Elevate your Bookstore with Toko

Book lovers don’t only read books, they love the feeling of holding the books in their hands and smelling the new pages. As the owner of a bookstore, you want to target these types of customers. [...]

Manage your Business Efficiently with an Online Store

With the rapid use of technology, social media has submerged into our personal as well as professional lives. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are using Facebook pages to earn extra [...]

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