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The most fundamental element for business growth is acquiring more customers and making more sales. If you are a baker who sells their delicious baked goods through a Facebook page or Instagram account while dreaming of attracting more potential customers and skyrocketing your sales then you need to stand out of the crowd to elevate your business.

Launching a website is the primal step that you can take for making your baking business stand out. A website can do wonders for the income and profits of your bakery. All of your products, including cakes, cookies, and other baked goods, can be appropriately categorized on your website under different categories. A website makes it easy for your customers to browse through the entire list of your menu, select their desired bakery product, and shop without any hassle. Moreover, they can filter out the products according to their desired flavours, price range and quantity. All these remarkable features help you gain your customers’ satisfaction, so they shop from your bakery the next time. Creating a website is simple and free of cost by using the Toko store builder.

A website gives you complete control over running your business.With the Toko online store, you can control and manage all the features and layouts of your website. If any of your posts is against the community standards or does not fit in terms of services, the post will be considered spam. This situation can shut your Facebook page, and you will lose your customers. With your own website, you don’t need to worry about Facebook algorithms and terms of services.
You can create a free website from the Toko store builder within a few minutes. The Toko shop online is a reliable, secure and easy platform for building websites. You can download the Toko app on the IOS and Android, or you can use the Toko web app for free.

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