Streamline your Sales with Toko

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Playing the social media game, you want to lead the rest by taking your brand in the first row. However, you have to go beyond the basics if you want to stand out of the crowd. Making an online presence through a Facebook page or Instagram account alone cannot bring a very successful outcome, especially for small businesses. As an owner of a small business, you need to streamline your sales. The Toko store builder can help you run your social media based business smoothly and more efficiently.

Most small businesses run out of funds and find trouble monitoring customer payments. It usually takes 15 to 20 working days to receive revenues from sales as vendor hold onto delivery payment for a specific period of time. This makes the task of online selling more difficult. Using the Toko store builder, you can receive the payment within 24 hours of delivery, so you can never run out of money. The Toko store Pakistan is now offering a courier service as well. The rider will pick up the parcel from you and deliver it to your customer. Toko shop online acts as a channel to help you streamline your sales and earn easily.

Small business owners making sales through social media pages find it quite challenging to manage customer details. If you start selling with Toko, once a customer purchases from you, all his attributes, for instance, name, email address, contact number, delivery address, and the product he bought, are saved. So, the next time you don’t need to bother your repeat customer to share their delivery information with you all over again. The details of every customer are saved, and you can easily target your potential customers on offers and sales using this valuable information. Using the Toko online store, you can easily streamline your sales and monitor your business efficiently. You can visit the Toko website to learn more about how you can efficiently manage your online business with Toko.
Streamline your Sales with Toko

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