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Social media networks, like Facebook and Instagram, were created to connect and socialize people with friends and family. In 2016, Facebook introduced a marketplace feature for its users to buy and sell locally by browsing through the products and services offered by brand owners. Business owners have started using these social networks as a marketplace to sell items.

However, marketing through Facebook has not produced a successful outcome for small businesses and has disappointed many users. The first and foremost thing to be considered is the question of credibility. Anyone from any part of the world can sell their items through the Facebook marketplace, and there are more chances of fraud and scams. Secondly, only using social media for your business limits you to customers that are present on the specific platform. You can not reach your target audience who need your product but don’t have a presence on Facebook. Moreover, social media platforms result in poor engagements as the businesses paying higher bids appear more in newsfeeds. Your customers can’t reach your small business by searching on Facebook. This way, your aim to get more customer traffic diminishes, and your sales get lower.

Launching an online store for your brand is the easiest solution to generate more traffic and increase your sales. Creating a website from a website maker can be expensive, but Toko store builder helps you to create your online store within a few minutes. With the Toko store Pakistan, you can build your own website to get more traffic and increase your sales. With an online store, your customer base can go beyond a restricted group of people allowing you to reach out to any customer from any part of the world. Toko store builder aids you in increasing your brand visibility and rank for search terms relevant to your business. A website showing all your business’s contact and brand details is an instant credibility boost to get more shoppers.

The Toko online store is free forever. It is the most secure platform for generating more organic traffic. You can download the Toko app on IOS and Android or use the Online store web app for free. Get more customer traffic and grow your business with an online store now.

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