What are the types of email marketing campaigns that can be sent?

 In General

Sending unnecessary or unwanted messages to the wrong people at the wrong time is a certain way to waste email as a marketing tool. So, let’s discuss the various types of campaigns and how to make them more engaging for customers.
Transactional, promotional, and lifecycle emails are the three main types of eCommerce marketing emails.
Transactional emails are more utilitarian in nature, conveying essential information to particular clients, and are sent during checkout and other purchasing actions. This category includes order confirmations, receipts, and order-shipped emails.

Promotional emails are used to promote a certain deal or (you guessed it) promotion. A Black Friday Cyber Monday email, a Mother’s Day gift recommendation email, a summer savings email, or a limited-time-only discount email are all examples of this type of communication.

Lifecycle emails, sometimes known as “triggered” emails, are sent in response to a customer’s action and where that client is in the customer lifecycle. A cart abandonment email, for example, is only sent once a customer abandons their shopping cart.

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